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Waves of ideas, intention, vision and innovation...

Waves of ideas, intention, vision and innovation form the bedrock of every brand. We at Cobuzz make sure that these waves never abate. For us, your brand isn’t just a business entity daubed with a name and a logo; brands are meticulously built with a pronounced personality, an unshakable voice and countless stories to tell.

While poor employer branding is your organization’s worst enemy, a well-thought of, strategically planned employer branding can prove to be your firm’s best friend. Don’t believe us? Well, numbers don’t lie!

(Not!) A numbers game…

Statistics can only validate the importance and necessity of employer branding, but the process of employer branding in itself deals not in numbers but emotions, not in selling but in story-telling. It is the lens through which your potential employees see you as an employer, the emotions they associate with you, the journey they want to traverse with you.

It involves your people internalizing your values, personifying your values, standing as your spokesperson, sharing your vision- their vision so that the caravan goes bigger, grows invincible. When your treasured brand stories meet our craze for curation and travel through the right blend of online and traditional media, people on the other side of the screen don’t just see, they participate.


50% cost-per-hire reduction

With employer branding at your rescue, the total expenditure of your organization’s cost-per hire reduces to half.

50% more qualified applicants

helping you build a mighty, dynamic and power-packed team.

2X faster time to hire.

Because we truly believe, time is money!

Candidates trust the company's employees 3x more than the company.

So we tell your brand stories through your people- accurate, authentic and engaging.

That is how we redefine employer branding.

Creating a Buzz

The EVP (Employee Value Proposition) of your organization is not a secret to be kept under wraps, instead it is a device to drive your workforce into being a strong and powerful entity- one that is driven and devoted.
This is where we come to your rescue, creating a buzz around your EVP that is impossible to be hushed, a buzz that draws towards you the ingenious people you need.

Building brand identity

Aiming to be the best in business is what every organization strives for, but having a unique brand identity is the need of the hour.
From your brand colour and palette to your brand culture and people, every element of your brand identity should reflect brilliance and individuality. But do people look at your brand the way you would like it to be recognized?
We at CoBuzz bridge the gap between how people perceive your brand and how you would want your brand to be perceived, for the people who work with you and the ones who look forward to working with you. We weave your vision and mission with your brand stories, evoking sentiments that strike a chord with everyone, because emotions are universal.

Improving Visibility

If they don’t see it, they won’t believe it. The splendor of your organization, if limited to the four walls of your workspace makes it as good as none. With us by your side, you get maximum employer brand visibility and followers which keeps your current employees engaged and prospective employees hooked. All this by diligently crafting your digital campaigns and extending support for the offline initiatives involving TV, print, radio and ambient media.

Away with attrition

The reasons why top talents tend to switch organization are many ranging from monetary benefits to a career boost. But the reason why top talent remains loyal to their organization is only one- EOR (Employee-Organization-Relationship).
With deliberate and dedicated efforts, we at Cobuzz help you build a bond that is strong and secure with your employees, one where they can see their goals concurring with your mission. A relationship where they get involved and share the company’s vision. We foster a communication channel between you and your people where each of your employee is a proud promoter of your company.

Your employee. Your ambassador.

Prospective employees will always choose an employee’s words over a company’s website text. That makes it essential for every organization to realize how their current employees perceive it. With our meticulous and unique employer branding strategies, the organization is confident of their employees’ faith while the employees turn ambassadors of the organization.
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