Trends in Employer Branding: 2021 Recruitment & Retention Strategy

Employer Branding plays a very critical role in building your workforce that eventually goes beyond the measure to achieve the target & bring growth not only to the organisation but also for the culture that fosters the environment of continuous collaboration resulting in the attainment of Business Agility.

 The Win-Win Proportion with a strategic approach for the Employer Branding is only for those who are continuously aware of the changes in the industry that have been observed in the past year & then identifying the statistical pattern with predictions for the future based on the data analysis & the Insights gathered henceforth.

 2020 as a year witnessed so much of the change in ways we used to propagate the work culture, however, few trends of 2021 will foster the way for an effective Employer Branding Strategy!

  • Enhancement of Employee Value Proposition will become more Personal:

Companies are focusing & nurturing their Employee Value Proposition to attract & retain prospective talents with potential & ability. Building an EVP that literally connects with the respective talent & brings retention & loyalty along has become challenging for the companies to have a competitive edge over other competitors. To meet the Corporate Guidelines, Stakeholders Requirements & Employee Expectations, Employers are connecting with the potential Individual personally with the EVP to gain trust with preference that aligns the vision of the Company & of potential Employee.

2021 will witness the shift in the companies EVP as an expanded umbrella to have a much-personalised approach based on Diversity, Role, Generation, Stage of Life and Region of Workplace. Accomplishing the same will make the companies have an in-depth approach to focus on the external talent research & know segments of talent with an implementable approach. There will be much focus on the Candidate’s Career personas, communication outreach, tailored experience, and marketing campaigns for Recruitment & Retention.  Measurement of KPIs, ROI  and tracking the performance analytics will be much aligned with the employee’s personalized segments & not just overall impact with the employer branding.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability Approach:

The Pandemic witnessed a massive transformation in the workflow & shredded light on the Inequality that has prevailed in society for a long time. Employees expect their organisation to take a rightful & meaningful stand on the in-justice & social issues that happen or continue to happen in society. The fresher recruitment & the future workforce comprises people from GenZ generations who have become more critical in taking the stands against the differences that continue to prevail in the form of Racism, Bias, Low Employment Rate etc. & many others.

The growing concern on Climatic Changes has led everyone to have awareness of the actions that puts our future on the brink, & the workflow within a company based on the industries plays a critical role in deciding the impact. The Workforce is now more concerned & seeks answers as to what & how the respective company adapts to the sustainable approach & contributes to mitigating the environmental impacts.

Employer Brand in 2021 might seek improved alignment with the CSR policies & sustainable approaches. There is a higher possibility that sustainable approaches & CSR policies will be included in the EVP and will decide much of the impact of the talent research efforts, conceptualising the brand development, activating the social responsibility, marketing the media campaigns, recruitment tactics, candidate and employee engagement programs with an appropriate strategy. Organizations that lag behind the efforts in CSR & Sustainability might risk not only losing talent to the competition but also losing potential customers that decide much of how the Employer Marketing strategy has effectively resulted.

3) Agile & Remote Workflow Process:

2020 was a year where the culture of work completely transformed from the Corporate Office environment to the Work from Home culture, resulting in the increase of flexibility and cut on prices of external expenditure for both the employer & the employee. With technological innovations & advancements, the concept of the meeting shifted from the meeting room to virtual interaction & many other techniques with innovations were adapted to make the new approach of workflow process work.

But the shift in the work culture affected the way Employer Branding used to connect & relate with the employees. The work culture which was previously described by the energy in the office, casual talks in the elevator, sharing & laughing with the managers & all the time open doors of leaders for guidance & feedback shifted to online connections & virtual interactions.

2021 will make Employers focus much on strategic organisation research & improving the employee experience thereby. In 2021 there is a higher expectation to witness more Structured & Organised work culture making the Organisational Design leaders get involved in developing the Employer Brand strategy that brings maximum benefits from Return on Investment. For employers, wishing to have impactful engagement bringing results in the form of retention and loyalty,  these factors will be crucial to advocate and implement changes.

4) Tapping into the Power of Storytelling:

Employer Branding is not just about recruitment & retention but much of how you follow, recognise & appreciate your Employees efforts. It includes sharing your work culture, your Employee Opinions, Your CSR activities, your employee growth initiatives, leadership messages & many other factors. Integration of all under one Umbrella of Storytelling resonates with every single individual be it internal or external & eventually results in having emotional connectivity & relativity.

Companies who are in the top names of the employer brands, and are the most preferred workplace for talent with potential & ability, not just focus on the marketing of their job posting or relevant opportunities but they do create an everlasting impact by sharing the companies stories making potential employees realise why working there will be exciting, opportunistic, visionary inspiration & will create an impactful experience for their career growth opportunities.

2021 is the year where every person is expecting the change. As more and more employers compete for the same talent hiring process, a strategic & focused approach on the investment of sharing the message through campaigns and marketing efforts nurturing the power of storytelling will be critical to the next few years of business transformation. To capture the talent’s attention, leaders working on Employer Branding will have to share frequent company updates through monetised content distribution & aligned Social Media Sharing & Interaction.


As Innovations & technological advancement will continue to govern much of the workflow process within a company, a rightful impact with Recruitment & Retainment strategy focused on nurturing the Employee Value & Connecting with them emotionally will help the Company make the workforce more Productive, Effective & Agile.

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