Recruitment Marketing & Talent Attraction

Thanks to the advent of Digital Technology, companies are increasingly turning to social media recruitments. In a survey, 59% of the recruited employees shared that they chose their workplace based on the company’s social media presence and online reputation.

We, at Cobuzz, create an impactful Employer Brand as well as an impeccable Online Reputation to attract high-quality talent. We utilise various social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Glassdoor to reach out to the right talent for your organisation. Our communication is crafted to connect with the potential Employees of your organisation and share your Employer Brand Story with them.

As a part of our strategy, your company culture is showcased on various platforms to build your Employer Brand, enhance your brand visibility, and connect with potential candidates.We attract talent to your organisation by:

  • Building your company’s online reputation
  • Using various media to engage passive candidates
  • Involving employees to share posts on social media
  • Being active on social media
  • Creating & sharing quality content related to your organisation’s values and culture
  • Social media advertising to reach far and wide
  • Keeping potential candidates engaged

We create social media recruiting strategies to make communication easier with job candidates and tap into the right talent pool with relevant hashtags to  make recruitment an easier task.

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