Create Your EVP

Researching your brand values The job market around the world is 90% candidate-driven which means to attract quality talent and retain the existing, Employers must walk an extra mile.

We enable and empower your organisation to make that extra effort for reaching out to your potential as well as current Employees. At Cobuzz, we create a resounding Employee Value Proposition to canvass your Employer Brand and develop a proposition that resonates with the on-ground reality of your organisation. With every Employee Value Proposition, we aspire to highlight the different beneficial aspects of your organisation as an Employer. We cover all facets right from compensation and benefits to career and culture. We also uncover the story of your brand and share it with your talent force to attract, engage, and retain them.

Our approach for the creation of Employee Value Proposition is very comprehensive and entails:

  • Understanding the work culture
  • Analyzing the Employee persona
  • Crafting strategies to resonate
  • Executing the best of our ideas.


Our primary step is to study your brand thoroughly and understand your work culture, constraints, and Employee demographics. We aim to develop an EVP that:

  • Improves and contributes to the organisation’s reputation
  • Enhances the company’s Brand Appeal as an Employer
  • Resonates with personal values & holds an emotional connect
  • Reinstates Employees’ commitment & improves engagement
  • Increment of Employee Referrals

After defining a sturdy Employee Value Proposition, every strategy is carefully planned in alignment with it. We strive to keep our ideas fresh and relevant to the Employees and in tune with the tone and image of your Employer Brand. All our ideas are well-aligned with the values, culture, strategies, and goals of the organisation to set a direction and a path for employees to follow.

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