Activate & Strengthen Your Employer Brand

Around the world, about 72% of recruiting leaders agree that Employer Branding has a significant impact on hiring as well as the business’ success.

At CoBuzz, we strive to activate and

develop an Employer Brand that your Employees would admire. We strongly believe that people enjoy working at a place they love and look up to. Our powerful and impactful branding strategies ensure that your current and potential Employees understand the organisation’s vision, purpose, and culture and relate to the brand’s unique story. We endeavour to discover your organisation’s DNA and combine the forces of HR, Communications, Marketing, and Recruitment to create an Employer Brand that resonates with its people.

At Cobuzz, the strategies are crafted keeping in mind the ROI as well as its relatability value to the Employees. Our approach to creating strategies for Employer Branding arise very exhaustive and entails:

  • Setting goals via Concept and Route
  • Identifying Candidate Persona
  • Defining Employee Value Proposition
  • Determining channels of communication & Employee touchpoints
  • Measuring and modifying strategies as per requirement

Since Employer Branding is a key component of every successful Talent Acquisition strategy, we carefully define the brand to help seek and acquire the right candidates for available job roles. Our strategies are developed to attract, engage, and hire them and set you apart from the competing companies.

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